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Final Shots

Jennifer (2)


Leanne Keogh- NCAD

Leanne Keogh- NCAD






Jennifer Belton- NCAD

Jennifer Belton- NCAD

It’s been another fun year being Fashion Editor for my university newspaper. Here are a few of my favourite shots!

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One Look, Three Ways

Last year I was the Fashion Editor for my college newspaper The University Observer, and this year I said no to doing it again purely because I’m doing my finals this year and I should probably be spending more time in the library than pulling clothes for shoots. But I just love it so much, it’s somehow happened again- except this year I’m doing more styling and less writing, which I’m actually enjoying more. We’ve got such a great team- my housemate Kate does the make-up, my trusty photographer Caoimhe is always there to direct the models and think about lighting and all the other stuff that I haven’t a clue about. Then there’s the models, which are pretty much all my friends who I manage to persuade to get involved! This issue I used my friend Fara who does do quite a bit of modelling herself, and is a complete natural. The whole process is always a bit mental, but the buzz from working under pressure, but then achieving exactly what you want and getting that perfect image in just amazing. Obviously we’re all inexperienced students with no budget whatsoever, trying to squeeze in shoots in between lectures and limited to the amount of clothes which I can physically carry- but we all love it, and what we learn is invaluable.

For this shoot, I took one item and styled it three ways- College, Weekend and Evening. So I took these snake-print tailored trousers and worked them into the three looks. The clothes are all from Penny’s and this amazing vintage shop on Drury Street in Dublin called The Harlequin. We were running in and out of public toilets to get Fara changed, as well as doing make- up touch ups outside in the rain, and being in a major rush the entire time because Fara had to go to work, ┬ábut it was all worth it in the end, I think she looks just great.

What do you think?

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