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Foreign Fashion







Flea markets in Berlin. Vintage shops in Budapest. Absolute heaven.

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DIY Shoes




So I was dying to get a new pair of heels to wear out tonight, but didn’t have time so hit the shops so I found an old white pair of wedges from last summer and decided to give them a makeover…

The only paints in my house were my little sister’s “easy painters” which is paint in those child-friendly bottles with sponges at the end. They turned out to be really easy to use and it meant it was a lot easier to keep within the different sections of the shoe and there was no mess involved. It was a simple matter of colouring in… Let’s hope they survive the night!

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Summer Lovin’

Just to let you know I credited the photos using the tags below…Photo 2 and 4 are my own:
No 2 was taken 2 years ago on an interrailing trip round Europe- accidently caught my friend Lauren’s reflection in the window!
No 4 was last year at Benicassim festival in Spain- I had just got back from seeing the Strokes where I had lost both my shoes in the madness of it all…my friend Sean was kind enough to lend me his own shoes for the journey back to our tent. It was either that or give me a piggyback the whole way…

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