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Printic Polaroids


photo (1)

photo (2)

photo (4)

photo (3)

After seeing the idea on this beautiful¬†Czech fashion blog, I just had to try out Printic for myself. Does anyone remember how great actual Polaroids used to be? I remember getting one of their cameras for my 10th birthday or something, and it was just the most exciting thing being able to pull the lever and see your picture come out at the end, and not knowing quite what it was going to look like until it EVENTUALLY came into focus. I definitely still have that camera lying around the house somewhere, does anyone know if they still produce Polaroid films?? Anyway, when I saw that there was an iPhone app that could do the same thing with my favourite photos without having to dig out the¬†monstrosity of a camera, I downloaded it straight away…

It’s so easy to use- you just pick your images from your phone/Facebook/Instagram, edit them if needed and then you send them off to whoever you like (or yourself of course)! You can save addresses too which makes it even easier the next time; which there most definitely will be after the reaction I got from my best friend and my sister when they received them in the post a few days later. You can even add a message to your photos- I didn’t realise this at the time and the lovely Printic people were nice enough to let me add one on via email after I’d completed my order. This (hopefully) made up for how late I was in getting my best friend something for her birthday…and I would recommend adding a message in general otherwise this person is just going to receive a load of photos in a bright orange envelope, with everything written in French (they are printed in Paris if you live in Europe, and San Francisco if you live in the States), not having a clue who they’re from and immediately assuming they have a stalker, as my sister did. Whoops!


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