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Printic Polaroids


photo (1)

photo (2)

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After seeing the idea on this beautiful Czech fashion blog, I just had to try out Printic for myself. Does anyone remember how great actual Polaroids used to be? I remember getting one of their cameras for my 10th birthday or something, and it was just the most exciting thing being able to pull the lever and see your picture come out at the end, and not knowing quite what it was going to look like until it EVENTUALLY came into focus. I definitely still have that camera lying around the house somewhere, does anyone know if they still produce Polaroid films?? Anyway, when I saw that there was an iPhone app that could do the same thing with my favourite photos without having to dig out the monstrosity of a camera, I downloaded it straight away…

It’s so easy to use- you just pick your images from your phone/Facebook/Instagram, edit them if needed and then you send them off to whoever you like (or yourself of course)! You can save addresses too which makes it even easier the next time; which there most definitely will be after the reaction I got from my best friend and my sister when they received them in the post a few days later. You can even add a message to your photos- I didn’t realise this at the time and the lovely Printic people were nice enough to let me add one on via email after I’d completed my order. This (hopefully) made up for how late I was in getting my best friend something for her birthday…and I would recommend adding a message in general otherwise this person is just going to receive a load of photos in a bright orange envelope, with everything written in French (they are printed in Paris if you live in Europe, and San Francisco if you live in the States), not having a clue who they’re from and immediately assuming they have a stalker, as my sister did. Whoops!


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21 Years Young


So it was my 21st birthday on Tuesday, and what a fun day it was! Was lucky enough to get a cute little Canon Powershot, and here’s a few snaps I took throughout the day.

Got the most amazing card ever from my best friend who is living in Belgium at the moment. A cover of Vogue, dream come true! 🙂

Went for lunch in a gorgeous French restaurant where I had my favourite ‘moule-frites’ and was also sang Happy Birthday to ‘en Francais’ by the lovely French waiter as he brought out the most delicious creme brule!

Then I spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine with my boyfriend, and finished off the day having cocktails with my parents and my granny, who is pictured enjoying the free drink given to her when the waiter accidently dropped some champagne glasses on top of her! The waiter even mixed me up a free surprise birthday cocktail too.

Had such a great day, wish it was my birthday every day…

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The University Observer- Final Issue!

It’s hard to compete with the blog explosion on Coachella, but this was Issue 12’s own take on festival wear… This was really fun to shoot, despite the rain and the girls having to get changed behind some trees! We managed to get a few shots when the sun decided to come out for 5 minutes and Caoimhe managed to make it look like the girls weren’t freezing their asses off.

All clothes from New Look, A-wear and our own wardrobes

Models- Maria Whelan and Laura Brennan

Photographer- Caoimhe Mc Donnell

Stylist- me 🙂

Erasmus Street Style- Issue 9

Aoife Davis, BES in Trinity College Dublin


Parka- Zara, blouse- Primark, blazer- River Island, Jeggings- Vero Moda, boots- H&M. Bag- vintage store in Krakow.

How do you choose the clothes you wear each day?

I like to mix it up a bit, I try not the wear the same things all the time. I don`t really believe in having any specific particular style, I usually just dress to my mood.

Have you any style secrets you would like to share?

No, secrets are secrets.

Benjamin Ferbus, Medicine in the University of Milan

Duffle coat- Topman

V-necked jumper and shirt- Zara

Scarf – street vendor

Brogues- Office

Jeans- H&M.

How do you choose the clothes you wear each day?

I always wear a nice jumper and generally a shirt or polo shirt. I always feel lazy in anything else! I always work better when I am neatly dressed. I try to keep up with the latest trends, I always think women like well dressed men!

Have you any style secrets you would like to share?

Just to be clever with ones clothes. These shoes lost a heel so I had both soles replaced.

Nicolas Bouchon, Economics in Pantheon Sorbonne Paris

Blazer- vintage shop, I actually had it re-tailored, and I replaced the buttons.

Shirt and jeans- Top Man

Shoes- Zara

How do you choose the clothes you wear each day?

In the cold of winter, pragmatism and warmth are vital. I typically wear layers, it creates a use for old clothes otherwise unused.

Have you any style secrets you would like to share?

I think dressing well is very important; the formality I choose to adopt in my look gives me great confidence. The black pocket square, is in fact the inside of the pocket turned out.

Interviews: Thomas Joyce

Photography by Marcel Kuzma

Cat Boyd (Scottish)

Outfit from:  Schuh, Topshop, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Vintage Guru (Glasgow) and an Egyptian market (the bag).

Course: Law. Glasgow University and on Erasmus at Stockholm University.

How would you describe your style?

I love colour, so try to brighten up any outfit. I would say that my style is a mixture of what is currently trendy in shops and old vintage clothing/items bought at markets.

How do you choose the clothes you wear each day?

I normally just throw on stuff that is close to hand and change items if I decide it doesn’t suit!

Julia Ferm, Swedish


Dress- Weekday-WTWTFSS

Sweater- One Teaspoon
Coat- Beyond Retro
Scarf- American Apparel
Shoes- Vagabond
Hoodie- Whyred
Course: Biology, Stockholm University
Who’s you favourite designer? I have to say Ivana Helsinki because my favourite dress is from her.
How do you choose the clothes you wear each day?

I decide what to wear the night before because I have a hard time waking up in the morning and always oversleep… I try to wear all my clothes so I pick out what I didn’t wear for a while.

Interviews and photography: Rachel Heavey

Jeremy Dickey- from Franklin, PA.
My style—simple and sophisticated
Blazer- Gap
Shirt- Gap
Jeans- Express
Shoes- Dublin Boutique

Sarah Barr -from Oneida, NY.
Style- Classic With an Edge

Cardigan- Ralph Lauren (Marshalls)
Shirt- American Eagle Outfitters
Necklace- Claire’s
Jeans- American Eagle Outfitters
Boots- DSW

Interview and photography: Rhona Boyle, Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pennsylvania



Thank you so much to everyone who contributed! The issue is available now in UCD 🙂

University Observer- Issue 1

Our first issue, featuring some trans-seasonal dressing…

Models: Rachael O’ Higgins and Florence Meagher

Photographer: Leo Mc Keever

Make up: Lucy Cullen

Stylist: Sophie Lioe

Clothes: Penny’s and my wardrobe!

University Observer Shoot Issue 7

Models: Maggie Rek and John Cloney

Photographer: Caoimhe Mc Donnell

Stylist: Sophie Lioe

Clothes: New Look

Location: New Look in-store studio

I’ll Try Anything Once

Having an absolute Strokes re-obsession at the moment for some reason. And this song just makes me think of  hazy mornings and slightly drunken evenings…

Since there’s no actual video because it’s only the demo/early version of You Only Live Once, the only ones that exist are shaky concert recordings and home-made videos. But I came across this one, and I think it’s just perfect. No idea who made it, but they just read my mind.


Oh and when Googling the amazing Julian Casablancas I found out his dad founded Elite Model Management and his mum was a former model from Denmark. Who would have thought!

Kate and Naomi…

I absolutely love this photo! Was flicking through my Any Objections? by Mario Testino and remembered how it made me laugh the first time I saw it… Couldn’t find it on the internet anywhere, so had to make do with a photo of a photo- apologies. There are plenty of bizarre and hilarious images in Testino’s collection of colourful characters and famous faces. Expect the unexpected!

Benicassim Dreams

Oh and remember that Benicassim Wish List? Seems like a lifetime ago, and although everyone’s getting excited for Christmas- I can’t help but feel nostalgic for those long days, beach beers and one very sweaty tent…

Missing This

It has been a very, very long time… And I blame summer, college, and everything in between. So here I am, finally free for a moment. During exam study week. Who would have guessed?

Here’s a little something to aid your procrastination or simply add to your day… And they say nothing in life is free?