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Sweet Talk

This is the new Jessie Ware video for Sweet Talk. It is literally the cutest video I have ever seen, guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

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Jessie Ware

So I went to see Jessie Ware in The Sugar Club in Dublin last Monday and I’m just obsessed. It was the first date of her solo tour so it was really special for her as well as us- she seemed genuinely overwhelmed at the fact we were there to see her and that we actually knew the words to her songs, which made me love her even more. There were even a few technical glitches with sound and microphones etc, but that just added to it.

She looked incredible as well, I absolutely love her style. Known for her trademark up-do and huge earrings combo, she was also wearing these amazing high-waisted, black velvet trousers with a cropped black polar-neck, cropped jacket and chunky black heels. Her look was such a perfect combination of 90’s grunge with a feminine twist, and I loved it so much that when I got home I tore my wardrobe apart looking for a grey, long sleeved polar-neck which I bought last winter but never really wore, and I haven’t had it off me since!

Her voice was so soulful and incredibly powerful, something which I actually don’t think comes across to the same extent on her records- you just have to see her live… She chatted between nearly every song, making the gig so intimate and relaxed; a perfect match to the cabaret-club style venue which had lots of cute tables and candles dotted all over the place. To top it all off she even hung around after to get photos and sign autographs, and this is when I discovered I’d found my hair twin. We could definitely be friends I think!

And for any of you who don’t know her music, watch these videos and you will be converted… She’s going to be huge.

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Summer Snaps









Can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted, the summer is flying past faster than I want it to… Here are a few snaps of what has been happening, mostly of gigs and DJ sets it seems. Barcelona was beautiful, someone get me back there right now!!


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Americana Mania

Just booked tickets to the Sonar Festival in Barcelona in mid-June and Lana del Rey is headlining one of the nights! Am a bit obsessed with her style at the moment, so thought I’d share a few images which caught my eye.

She was in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge a few weeks ago and she was great, despite all the bad press about her live. She seemed like a normal human being too- the interview by Fearne Cotton was brilliant, especially compared to a lot of the other ones I’ve heard where she seems to be in a world of her own…

Can’t wait to see what she looks like in person! Well…from a few thousand people away, but still.

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Remember Razorlight?

Just happened to catch an old re- run of Razorlight on Later with Jools Holland way back in 2006 and it totally took me back to my early teens when I had a crush on Johnny Borrell and was in the midst of an obsession over skinny jeans and indie boys! *

I’d forgotten that he was actually quite a stylish man- pioneering that sweaty rock ‘n’ roll style through white drainpipes and lots of skin-tight, v-neck T-shirts…

Remember this UK Vogue cover shot by Testino and featuring Natalia Vodianova? Only the 7th man to appear on the cover of Vogue.

Featuring in a German Vogue editorial

Those white skinny jeans!

*Actually, come to think of it- not much has changed!              
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California Girls

Went to see California based, all-girl indie band, the Dum Dum Girls last night, and I couldn’t help but be distracted by their 80’s grunge-inspired, all-black attire which made me want to throw out any coloured item of clothing I own. The four members decked out in lace, latex and American Apparel-style dresses had such a strong stage impact; complimenting the straight-up, down to business performance. The look was finished off by full, blunt fringes and red lipstick all round. Luckily, their music managed to match up to their style- check out their (slightly more colourful) music video for a taste of the indie take on girl power.

Album cover for "I Will Be"

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Van She and Varsity Jackets

Can’t get enough of Van She. I’ve been missing out the past year! Check out ‘Changes’.

Really have a thing for the jackets they wear in a promo shot for their ‘V’ album too. ‘Born in the USA’ has been having a bit of a moment (check out Karlie Kloss shot by Alisdair McLellan in Vogue – May 2010). Give me a varsity jacket or a red, blue and white print any day though and I’m hooked.

Van She

A varsity visual for their 'V' album

Henry Holland has a fun take on the look in his collection for Debenhams: H! by Henry Holland.

Pixie Geldof for H! by Henry Holland

Although I don’t love Pixie’s personal style I do think some of her work is ace. She does a pretty sweet job for H! Kudos to her.
P.S. From varsity jackets to Hermes scarves – One half of Meeting at the Number 10 is on the road to Paris. Get ready. It’s going to be fabulous!

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