So who is Sarah Burton?

Ok, I know most of you are sick to death of the constant bombardment of Royal Wedding- related news by now, so please forgive me. But who didn’t absolutely adore the wedding dress that Kate stepped out in yesterday morning? Seeing the dress was the only part of the ceremony I was interested in (before I got completely caught up in the majesty of it all, and realised that it is totally plausible that I marry Harry and live happily ever after…and get a dress like that!), and I wasn’t disappointed…

The lace, the buttoned sleeves, the understated skirt… It was classic and appropriately vintage-inspired, without being boring. Royal Wedding appropriate without being conformist and generic. Since Mario Testino was present in the church congregation, I hope he managed to get a few good snaps of this beautiful creation!

And who is responsible for this wondrous piece of English couture history? None other than the legacy of Alexander Mc Queen himself, Sarah Burton. The Manchester born, former intern at Mc Queen was appointed Head of Womenswear in 2000 and worked closely with Mc Queen up until his death, forming such a close professional relationship that she seemed the obvious choice as his successor.

The immense pressure and challenge of taking over the creative direction of such a visionary artist was no doubt a daunting prospect, and she was quoted in a recent Vogue interview as thinking “How could I ever begin to begin?”

However, she seems to have embraced the task with the aim of maintaining Mc Queen’s vision, while not being afraid to inject her own. In response to criticism of her latest collection as lacking the drama and darkness that the brand is known for, she acknowledges that the theatrics of previous Mc Queen runway shows were purely his area of expertise and taste, and she will not be trying to re-create these to her own effect. That was evidently his territory and she aims to keep it that way, a clear sign that Burton has a pace and direction of her own going on; exactly what is needed to keep the brand relevant and successful as she carries it forward.

I think it is extremely fitting that Mc Queen himself was honoured in such a way, a public recognition of his genius and talent after his tragic death. And since the brand is most certainly in safe hands, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief and look forward to what else she has up her (perfectly tailored) sleeve!

Sarah Burton

Her second dress- looks like they just took the lace off and added some jewels and a shrug!

Pippa Middleton's dress, also designed by Burton

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One thought on “So who is Sarah Burton?

  1. Niamh Beirne says:

    Agreed on all fronts – especially re Marrying Harry!
    Slightly off the point – though edging a little on the side of patch work, I love Burton’s blazer in that photo! Is it of the brand also?

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