She Doesn’t Even Go Here

So I’m sitting in a room of boys discussing who is hotter- Rachel Mc Adams or Lindsay Lohan for the purposes of deciding who to use as their computer screensaver. Unsurprisingly, Miss Mc Adams won hands down; however I was intrigued by the fact that Lindsay’s more obvious sex-appeal hadn’t won a few more votes.

Anyway, after this brief discussion and realising how bored and hungover we were, we decided to attend an on-campus event where the British actor Michael Sheen was being interviewed and presented with some accolade or another. I basically had to be dragged along because I wasn’t overly interested in listening to some celebrity harp on about how great their life is, but the prospect of the long walk home in the freezing cold seemed even worse.

About 5 minutes into Michael Sheen addressing a small lecture theatre, which wasn’t even half full, someone whispered that the blonde girl sitting at the back of the hall looked startlingly like Rachel Mc Adams. I laughed at the ridiculousness of it, but turned around anyway.

It was her.

There was no mistaking her tiny frame, blonde hair and amazing bone structure- her beauty as obvious as it was in The Notebook and Mean Girls. I just couldn’t get over the coincidence of us talking about her only hours beforehand, it was just like my Daisy Lowe Experience last summer. And just as I couldn’t let Daisy pass me by, I knew I had to pluck up the courage and go over to her (luckily I kept the star-struck screaming till after she’d left).

She was chatty, humble and more than happy to provide autographs and photos to the few who’d attended the event. Although she’d stolen Michael Sheen’s thunder (who, it turned out, was her boyfriend and thus her reason for being there) she’d done it in the nicest possible way, with not a hint of Regina George about her.

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2 thoughts on “She Doesn’t Even Go Here

  1. skinni peach says:

    OH MY GOD!! i love love love her, look at her, shes the CUTEST!! that is unreal! how random!!

    • I know, doesn’t she look like she’s just walked off a movie set?? She was so lovely! If you check out my first post where I met Daisy Lowe I’m wearing the same starstruck expression haha x

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