Granny Cool

Just discovered that my Granny is on a Wanted list- by those wishing to find out about her glamourous past as a model, singer and ultimately fashion- leader of  post-independent Malaysia. Crazy or what? On my recent trip back there, I discovered that she began her career as a result of her dissatisfaction with the costumes of her singing troupe- so she began making them herself. By the time she was 21 she had 15 girls working for her in her own boutique, had dressed the Royal Family of Malaysia, become a local celebrity and style leader in the city of Ipoh, Malaysia. At the time, breaking the mould of conservative, generic clothing in a society more interested in which rice dish was for dinner, than in all things-fashion related; opening up a market for chic, designer, Western- style clothes in a business which lasted for over 40 years.

Check out the site  here

At least I’ve discovered where I get the fashion-genes from…but I’m 19 already, I better get a move on!


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