Oh! Those London Boys . .

No, we may not need another shot of this gem but it's too late. Here's my take.


Jack Wills in Covent Garden on a busy afternoon was where a tall pretty blonde sales assistant was singing along to a tune as it boomed over the speakers of the oh so fabulous store. I had to ask who it was. . .

They have now taken the title of this song and made it their band name. Add to that a new guitarist, Rikki, and a some fresh tunes and you have Skinny Machines. Definitely still worth a listen. Check them out at www.myspace.com/skinnymachines

Westminster by Night

Speaking of Jack Wills. How fabulously British they are indeed! Chinos, polo shirts ooh and tweed blazers! I just couldn’t get enough! The real treat for me was that it seemed the London boys couldn’t help themselves to some old school polo glamour either. Ok, so I’m a little biased. Show me a Jack Wills loving guy with dockers and a fringe swept to the side any day and I may well approve. There is more to menswear in London though. Whether wearing turned up chinos and oversized frames at Old Spitalfields market or a Breton tee and moccasins in Greenwich they make it work!

Thom Browne Spring 2011

The older generation included. No Aran sweaters required in this capital (mind you I’m actually a fan of them but more of that come December). Covent Gardens was where I spotted an old chap so in tune with next years Spring trends that I felt a little like last season’s bargain basket. Although I don’t have a snapshot of him, trust me when I say he was decked out like a Thom Browne model (pictured). Yes, including the knee high socks and cut offs. He finished the look with perfection in the form of a tweed cap. Inspiring!

So much so that yesterday without really knowing what I was going to end up with I started drawing and snapping pictures with my new London playlist on in the background. These are some of the end results. Now that I look at them I see a million things I want to change but I decided to throw them up all the same since they are part of my London experience . .

Oh! Those London Boys . .

Oh! Those London Boys . .


… and what an experience it was.

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