Van She and Varsity Jackets

Can’t get enough of Van She. I’ve been missing out the past year! Check out ‘Changes’.

Really have a thing for the jackets they wear in a promo shot for their ‘V’ album too. ‘Born in the USA’ has been having a bit of a moment (check out Karlie Kloss shot by Alisdair McLellan in Vogue – May 2010). Give me a varsity jacket or a red, blue and white print any day though and I’m hooked.

Van She

A varsity visual for their 'V' album

Henry Holland has a fun take on the look in his collection for Debenhams: H! by Henry Holland.

Pixie Geldof for H! by Henry Holland

Although I don’t love Pixie’s personal style I do think some of her work is ace. She does a pretty sweet job for H! Kudos to her.
P.S. From varsity jackets to Hermes scarves – One half of Meeting at the Number 10 is on the road to Paris. Get ready. It’s going to be fabulous!

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